Products Name: Fiberglass chopped strands for friction
E glass chopped strands mainly used enforcement of automobile non-asbestos friction material such as non-asbestos brake pad, brake lining, brake block etc. This material is the best material for substituting asbestos material. Our Silicone-type E-glass fiber chopped strand is for rapid dispersion in dry powder phenolic mix and has broad application as an asbestos replacement for the friction material. Our chopped strands are made by chopping continuous fiber strands in 3-6 mm lengths depending on the type of strand.
Technical Data:

Description: E-Glass Fiber Chopped Strand
Type: E
Sizing: Silage
Norminal Diameter:13μm
Moisture content:+1.0%
Loss on ignition:(0.5~1.8)%
Norminal chopped size:3mm,4.5mm,6mm
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